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The Unending Coil of Bahamut



  • Twintania: Triangle CCW (N, SW, SE)
  • Nael: Divebombs A>B>C
  • Quickmarch: Safer QM, DPS Stack SW, DPS Shaker SE, Healers NW/NE
  • Blackfire: Facing Nael: DPS Left, Supports Right
  • Fellruin: Spread around middle > Neuro opposite of Bahamut
  • Heavensfall: Nael R1
  • Tenstrike: 1 is safe spot, use marker for second set positions
  • Octet: Tank LB3, Arms Length Twin Dive for safety (Dive goes left of Twin ideally)
  • Adds: Bosses tanked between 1 and 3
  • Golden: Standard, Tank LB if not full 8 stack
BiS Notes
  • Any gear at or above 470 will have their substats capped.
  • Relic weapons will have their substats capped at 127.
  • The lowest potions you can use and still get maximum benefits are HQ Grade 3 Tinctures.

General Resources


  • Neurolink placement - Normal triangle: N, SW, SE (CCW, on 123 markers)
  • Raidplan New!



Blackfire Trio
Fellruin Trio
  • Party neuro opposite of Bahamut
  • Raidplan
Heavensfall Trio
Tenstrike Trio
  • Jump to indicate you’re covering hatch, 1 always safe for Earthshakers
  • Raidplan
Grand Octet


  • Discuss which boss you’re taking (Default: MT Twin, OT Nael)
  • Bosses between 1/3 markers, somewhat NE
  • All stacks done in the center of the arena
  • Raidplan

Golden Bahamut

  • Golden Raidplan New!
  • Akh Morn order - Share > MT invuln > OT invuln > Share
  • Shared busters are kitchen sinked with all available mits
  • 90s target mit has to be used first GCD to be up for Morn Afahs 3 and 5!
  • 60s/90s CD AoE mit - Either Morn Afahs 1/3/5 or 2/4
  • 2m CD AoE mit - Either Morn Afahs 1/4 or 2/5
  • NO tank LBs in default mit plan unless it’s an emergency (e.g 7- person stack or invuln not up)




  • Modified Aether PF (Recommended)
{"Name":"good aether markers","MapID":280,"A":{"X":20.986,"Y":0.0,"Z":-11.02,"ID":0,"Active":true},"B":{"X":9.315,"Y":0.0,"Z":21.971,"ID":1,"Active":true},"C":{"X":-19.999,"Y":0.0,"Z":11.772,"ID":2,"Active":true},"D":{"X":0.0,"Y":0.0,"Z":9.0,"ID":3,"Active":true},"One":{"X":0.0,"Y":0.0,"Z":-8.0,"ID":4,"Active":true},"Two":{"X":-8.0,"Y":0.0,"Z":5.0,"ID":5,"Active":true},"Three":{"X":8.0,"Y":0.0,"Z":5.0,"ID":6,"Active":true},"Four":{"X":0.0,"Y":0.0,"Z":0.0,"ID":7,"Active":true}}
  • Aether PF
{"Name":"aether pf","MapID":280,"A":{"X":20.909,"Y":0.0,"Z":-11.182,"ID":0,"Active":true},"B":{"X":7.807,"Y":0.0,"Z":21.795,"ID":1,"Active":true},"C":{"X":-21.84,"Y":0.0,"Z":8.076,"ID":2,"Active":true},"D":{"X":5.03,"Y":0.0,"Z":-2.578,"ID":3,"Active":true},"One":{"X":0.122,"Y":0.0,"Z":-6.96,"ID":4,"Active":true},"Two":{"X":-7.505,"Y":0.0,"Z":5.109,"ID":5,"Active":true},"Three":{"X":7.947,"Y":0.0,"Z":5.375,"ID":6,"Active":true},"Four":{"X":0.21,"Y":0.0,"Z":8.838,"ID":7,"Active":true}}

Marker Usage

The following assumes the use of the Modified Aether PF markers.

123 are used for Neurolink placement.

D is used for the knockback on phase transitions like Nael and Bahamut.

ABC are used for Nael Divebombs

4 is used for the Stack during Adds phase.